PAP looks to 2012 and beyond

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THE second biggest coalition partner in Government, People’s Action Party (PAP), aims to become a political force in 2012, and to build on its relationship with the National Alliance party.
Parliamentary leader and Maprik MP Gabriel Kapris told more than 200 people attending a fundraiser of Saturday night that they are happy with the performance of the Government they are part of to date.
He said after the 2002 elections, he was offered the deputy prime minister’s post to take PAP away from NA, but he refused.
Mr Kapris said the political stability provided by NA and PAP had resulted in a lot of projects, which are driving economic growth.
“We are now seeing the fruits of political stability which PAP has been part of that saw PNG become the 17th LNG producing nation in the world.
“If there is no stability I do not think we will achieve this multi-billion kina LNG project,” he said.
He said some notable achievements by coalition government which PAP was part of included the new ICT policy that would provide foundation for investments, district service improvement programme for funds to trickle to the rural majority, small to medium business enterprises (SMEs).
Mr Kapris said by the 2012 national elections, PAP would be a party to be reckoned with because the party was not regional or ethnic-based, but had the support from all people from all walks of life.
The dinner that was attended mostly by landowners of Southern Highlands, Gulf, corporate sponsors, party members
and supporters netted an estimated K500,000 in auction, pledges and sponsors of tables.