PAP warns of public backlash

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The National, Friday 04th November 2011

THERE will be a public backlash on any move by the national government to interfere with the judiciary.
People’s Action Party ge­neral secretary Simon Bole has called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to refrain from making such a decision.
“O’Neill is in control of the government and any changes to the judges and judiciary is in the wrong direction,” he said.
“The PNG Constitution is bigger than any individual, prime minister, political party or member of parliament.”
Bole said the Supreme Court reference sought by the East Sepik provincial execu­tive was for the interpretation of the law on the election of the prime minister on Aug 2.
“The Supreme Court will make a decision on Dec 9, and, whether it is in favour of the prime minister or not, the Constitution must reign supreme,” he said.
“O’Neill has been elected prime minister and there is no need to panic.”
Bole said O’Neill and his government must respect democracy, the Constitution and the judiciary.
“The prime minister has the support of the majority of MPs and he should not interfere in the judicial process,” he said.
“As a Southern Highlan­der, I am telling my leader that the minute he makes that moves, he will lose the respect of his own people, citizens of this country and the international community.
“We, Southern Highlanders, are happy that O’Neill is the first prime minister from the province and we have rallied behind him but that will change if the Constitution is tampered with by the executive government,” Bole said.