Paper farmers must not hijack NADP

Letters, Normal

IT is very discouraging to learn from the media that the NADP funds are not trickling down to the intended beneficiaries (genuine farmers) but have been abused by bureaucrats and political cronies.
As a farmer, I believe agriculture is the backbone of PNG as the majority of the people live off the land.
I believe our leaders have lost touch with reality and are blinded by the multi-billion kina LNG project so much so that they fail to put agriculture as priority.
I believe the NADP can work and is a brilliant concept.
I am confident if it works, our country will develop very fast and improve the living standards of the majority.
If the NADP fails, the Somare-Temu Government will have achieved nothing as far as the people are concerned.
I don’t believe in LNG and other mineral resource projects because they benefit only a few.
Unfortunately, the Government has opted to rely on the non-renewable mineral sector and let sustainable sectors like tourism and agriculture struggling to survive in the face of the current economic crisis.
I strongly believe more funds and emphasis should be put on the agriculture sector as the majority of Papua New Guineans are involved in it.
I suggest that the Government should let the Rural Development Bank and/or Micro Finance Bank to handle the funds of the NADP.
The current method has been abused by paper farmers in Waigani.


Genuine farmer
Goroka, EHP