Papers, transport costs in Northern unreasonable

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 11th April, 2013

 I NOTICED two things since moving to Northern recently.

Daily newspapers are sold for twice the price in Port Moresby and when the Girua River gets flood­ed, you get a newspaper for the price of three.

Let us be reminded that newspapers are an important part of our everyday lives and must be sold for a fair price.

Secondly, a 50 toea coin that takes you from Boroko to downtown Port Moresby cannot even take you 100m in Popondetta.

You must have 60 toea before you can even think of getting on a bus while 

a 15-minute drive to the airport costs K4.

It is shocking and I refuse to believe that this was sanctioned by the transport board here in Popondetta.


Sick to the bone