Papindo donates cholera supplies

Lae News, Normal

The National

THE Papindo Trading Company in Lae has taken the initiative to assist the Morobe provincial government to address the current outbreak of cholera in Lae, and the outskirts of the Morobe province, by donating seven boxes containing 1000 sachets of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS).
This is the first lot of boxes to be donated by the company. A second lot will be donated shortly.
According to Dr Likei Theo, who received the boxes, the ORS was an essential and effective product that would be used in the treatment of cholera and other dysentery infections.
He is also hoping to use these sachets of ORS to allocate to each person in the affected areas as part of the prevention exercise.
The boxes were shifted to the Morobe Disaster Centre to be allocated to affected areas.
Chief executive officer for Papindo Trading Company, Wilson Chan, stated that the company saw the need to donate these boxes as the situation in the Morobe province seemed to be spreading faster.
Mr Chan stated that their donation should also incite other companies to assist in any way possible.
The donation was purchased from a pharmaceutical company in Port Moresby for K10,000.
The company also donated medical equipment to Angau to assist the medical officers and volunteers working within the quarantined area.
This equipment included blood pressure machines, stethoscopes and thermometers.