Papua New Guineans in Brisbane lend a hand

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The National- Friday, January 28, 2011


PAPUA New Guinean families in Brisbane, Queensland, have been lending a helping hand in the flood recovery operations.

Help has come from far and wide across Australia and even from overseas and the PNG community there is also doing all it can to assist.

A Central mother of four Kwaipo Launch-Boland, who is married to an Australian, told The National from Brisbane that the PNG community was volunteering in different ways.

“Many of our locals have volunteered in cleaning homes affected. 

“Extensive cleaning such as scrubbing of floors and removing wreckage dumped in many of the homes and yards.

 “Some are working in the centres where the flood victims are being housed, helping out with meals and doing dishes,” Launch-Boland said.

“It’s just amazing how everyone is helping out and for a place like Queensland, co-operation and assistance by their local member and the communities not affected are very over whelming. 

“We’ve assisted in baking muffins and dropping off food at certain centres which house victims, not only that but donated clothes,” she added.

Launch-Boland said most parts of the area in Redcliffe where they lived, Scarborough and parts of Deception Bay were not affected by the flood but nearest suburbs like inland Caboolture were partly affected.

“For most residents in this area it was just minor leakage to houses from the continuous heavy rain where there were flooded backyards, gardens and overflow of sewage, and you can imagine how unhealthy it could have been. 

“From washed away bridge parts to even refrigerators, chairs, tables or household furniture in general. 

“I think the life experience for many people affected by this is that Mother Nature has its own doing and it’s time to pick up the pieces and move forward.

 “For many, this summer may not be a healthy and safe choice to go swimming or boating as much debris is at open sea and along the Queen’s beach at Scarborough,” she added.