Papua New Guineans taken for a ride

Letters, Normal

THE managing director of Oil Search Limited Peter Botton was reported in your paper last Wednesday that a third train will be added to the LNG project in 2015 or 2016 and a fourth one a few years later.
The first LNG export is expected in 2014.
From Mr Botten’s announcement, I dare say Papua New Guineans have been taken for a ride.
I remember media reports which quoted the LNG project partners threatening to walk off the project when the State pushed for downstream processing and value-added projects.
The State gave in because of fear that the project would collapse.
The project proponents – ExxonMobil, Oil Search and partners – won and the gas agreement says it all.
Now the same companies are saying they will build two more trains to increase the total number of trains to four.
Apparently the project proponents had knowingly lied to the State and the people of PNG about the true status of the gas reserves in order to deny the people of PNG what they rightfully deserve as provided for under the Oil and Gas Act.
The people representing the State have failed the people of PNG by accepting a cheap deal.
They need to be sacked.
The State’s relationship with ExxonMobil and Oil Search must be reassessed, especially the latter.