Para-ecologist educating people on forest conservation

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PARA-ECOLOGIST Joseph Kua is enjoying educating local landowners on the importance of forest conservation.
Kua is with the PNG Binatang Research Centre.
“We carry out biodiversity surveying in the rainforest which is essential to make sure that the area will be protected,” he said.
“We need to know what is in there so that we make sure it is conserved for the future generations.”
Colleague Joachim Yalang said he was involved in a programme in his community which aimed to restore the forest back to its original state.
“This job enables me to give back to my community what I have learnt and make them aware of the importance of conserving the rainforest,” Yalang said.
The UN International Day of Forests, which was celebrated last Thursday, was an opportunity to celebrate people around the globe who were dedicated to protecting our flora and fauna.
The United Kingdom’s Darwin Initiative through University of Sussex trained a team of para-ecologists in PNG rainforest.
They are now providing vital scientific knowledge that changing people’s mind and to protect the country’s treasured rainforest and the world’s most important habitats.