Paradise Foods to build K55mil chocolate factory


PARADISE Foods Ltd will build a K55 million Queen Emma Chocolate factory in Lae, creating 75 jobs and supporting more cocoa farmers, according to chief executive officer James Rice.
Rice said this would give the 2,000-plus cocoa farmers the chance to increase production and for new growers to start supplying.
“My passion (is) I like to create jobs,” Rice told The National yesterday.
“We have had a lot of regions that contacted us about planting more cocoa because it is a great income for farmers.
“So next year, we will be building a new factory (which) will be 20 times bigger than our current factory in Port Moresby which (produces) 10 tonnes a month. The new factory will be 200 tonnes a month,” Rice said.
“We will be buying by the end of next year 13 per cent of PNG’s beans which is very good for the people here.”
Rice said exporters bought a 62.5kg normal unit bag for K320. “We pay K520. We pay a higher price.
“Everybody knows. That is why we get the best beans and we are happy to pay to get the best stuff.
“By the end of next year, we will be buying a lot more.
“We have a lot of areas interested in planting.
“If they start planting now, it will be ready in two years’ time.”


  • Thank you to Paradise Foods…This is the kind of business our country must promote so that people GET BACK TO THEIR LAND!

    Hope the Department of Agriculture and Livestock is taking note to this since they will have to be the ones to promote this sector with the people.

  • Good news for cocoa producers and the nation in general. Farmers must now aim to produce more quality beans and not just to make up the bags!

  • Current minister for Agriculture & Livestock needs to be replaced immediately because he’s incompetent & inexperience person. If he cannot manage and develop his own small District, how can he manage the agriculture sector in the country. PM must give this ministry to capable & experienced person if he’s serious about investing more in agriculture.

  • Great initiative Paradise foods.
    Government should allocate its most talked about SME funding into this type for farmers who may want to start or expand their business. This is real SME.

  • Thankyou all. Action speaks louder than words. A true initiative by the YS MP RM that will create opportunities to our simple loved ones in our villages to be happy about, and look forward to some ways to earn some money to buy what they want. Thanks again to RM YS MP, trupla MP that has heart and love for his people YS. Heniembah Auroskowo Sainduo Blessed wunere Mande and Lau Nieng

  • Mr James Rice; may Anutu continue to bless your heart and guide you as your role and business, “Success is not about money, fame and power. It is about the difference you can make in someone’s life.

  • Mr James Rice deserves knighthood stature in Papua New Guinea.
    He’s done so much in a small space of time to empower local farmers by taking Paradise Foods in the direction of downstream processing and buying more local raw products.

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