Parental advice is important


PARENTAL advice is vital for children’s well-being in this telecommunication era in Papua New Guinea.
Modern technology has emerged at a phenomenal rate which has had great impacts on the lives of our children in their decision-making and general conduct.
Moreover, information and communication technology (ICT), has manipulated minds of our children so badly that they cannot reason out what is right and wrong in their decision-making.
It is of great concern to parents.
They have the responsibility to advise and educate their children on ICT and how it affects their behavior towards others.
I appeal to parents to realise that the behavior of their children reflects on themselves.
You children are your best assets for you and the country.
The information overload on the Internet cannot be controlled and children can access anytime.
Children with access to smart phones are in danger from ICT.
It is important to save our children now for a better tomorrow.

Kono Waire
Morata Two, Port Moresby