Parents allege bias in selections

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The National, Friday 24th August 2012

PARENTS of youths playing in the Eastern Highlands rugby league competition have alleged bribery and nepotism in the selection of players for representative matches.
Speaking on behalf of concerned parents, Dickson Gene said those involved in the management of Eastern Highlands schoolboys rugby League (EHSBRL) and selection of players for representative duties were biased.
Gene said players expected to be selected by spectators and followers based on their performance were left out while those who performed below expectations were selected.
Gene said the schoolboys competition was the “seed capital” for future Goroka Lahanis players.
“We need to develop our schoolboys, the future representatives of the province and country properly,” Gene said.
He called on the management to exercise transparency and accountability.
 President of EHSBRL Ellyson Ketauwo denied the allegations saying they are the only vibrant schoolboys competition in the country and the community needed to support it not oppose it.
The success of the competition over the years has attributed to their successful management practices.
“We do not accept bribery and practice nepotism as Gene alleged,” Ketauwo said.
Dickson Gene is the elder brother of International rugby league star Stanley Gene.