Parents challenged to raise their children well


SCHOOL-age children roaming around in villages, towns and cities is proof that many parents fail in their duty to show their childrn the path to a good decent life, says a pastor.
Married couples should have plans based on their wealth before havingt children, said the pastor from the Holy Spirit Ministry in Wabag.
Pastor Joseph George said children were innocent and their life on Earth depended on how well their parents looked after them, disciplined them, and showed them the right path to a good future.
Ps George was speaking at Christian Liberty School in Wabag.
He said having children came with responsibility.
Ps George said it was not fair to see school-age children on the streets collecting aluminium soft drinks cans, selling betel nuts and other stuff.
He said many young people were wayward because their parents failed their duty and responsibilities to teach them Christian principles, discipline them and send them to school.
“The right time to teach the younger ones is when they are small under the care and protection of their parents,” he said.
Ps George said it would be difficult to teach and discipline children when they were grown up. He said children were a blessing from God and their future depended on their parents.
The manager of the school, Joy Patama, said the school was a private school and all activities were based on Christian principles.
Patama said the school aimed to provide good Christian education to the young generation.
She said children attending the school learnt God’s words as well as American phonics and were taught under the standard-based curriculum system.

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