Parents crowd banks for loans

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THERE are long queues at the banks by parents seeking loans to meet school expenses as the start of Term One on Feb 1 draws near.
Parents in Goroka start queuing up from as early as 6am outside the Bank South Pacific this week for that purpose.
John Waipe, who has a son attending the University of PNG, an adopted daughter attending the University of Goroka and a son in Grade 11 at the Goroka Secondary School, said he needed up to K40,000.
“I do not want to disclose the amount each of my children would need to pay but I need between K30,000 and K40,000 to settle all the fees and costs,” Waipe said.
“I have no other source.
“But I am confident that the BSP Goroka branch school fee loan section would help me.”
Mother Joan Peter, a primary school teacher from a remote Okapa village, said her first son was attending Okapa Secondary School for Grade 11 this year.
She said she saved up some money to pay his school fees but wanted a loan to buy his stationeries and clothes.
“He is my first son and I am excited to see him going to secondary school,” Peter said.
“I am happy to see him progress in his educational journey.”
Others who refused to be identified said they were happy with the previous Government for providing tuition fee-free education.
“We are all calling on the Marape-led Government to re-introduce the free education policy,” said a Goroka man with three children going to colleges.


  • Parents please enough of complaining,you main responsibilities as a parent is to make sure to save enough money at early in advance to cater for school fees.Current government is doing a right work by start taking back our natural resources,leave the burden of school fee a side & in your hands,thank you….

  • One advice to ALL PARENTS and fellow Papua New Guineans. We should start planning 1 year ahead for school fees for our children. So, it gives us enough time to find avenues to raise the estimated amounts of fees to pay when school year starts. There may be unforseen circumstances arising that will stop us from finding the fees in just 1 week, or 2 weeks, or even in 1 month. So. please learn to enquire from institutions about fees requirements and start planning 1 year ahead. It is our duty. Hope this helps.

  • To cut the long story short,Mirape Steven’s Government provided a help loan program which you can able to proceed your children to do further studies. You can’t said like that,why because tuition fee free is same as help loan so better you get the loan and continue with their studies.

  • JM grovement should look into this free education system, P O’Neil put free education while he was prime minister so JM should do the same, we are watching closely on JM moments if he want his party Pangu to come back in power 2022 next year, otherwise people won’t vote for because free education policy is not their policy because we suffer in paying loans for our children’s education.

  • Why are we paying school fees? These kids when they get educated and work, they will be paying taxes to the government all their working lives. The Government must look at the young as assets to be developed for future income streams (Taxes). Make education free! What is the sense in paying for education especially for a 3rd world undeveloped country like ours? Human development should be our main agenda and education should be the central! Make Education FREE in PNG!!!!

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