Parents fail to teach children values, says leader

Lae News, Normal

The National – Friday, December 31, 2010

 MOST parents fail to teach children values, Huon Gulf district administrator Tony Ase said.

Ase was speaking at a fund raiser for the Asini Elementary School in Salamaua last Sunday where he had handed a cheque for K5,000 on behalf of the provincial administrator Kemasang Tomala.

He said teaching ethical and moral standards to children at an early age were crucial for their development into adulthood.

He said most parents neglect the teaching of values or were unable to give them because they themselves lacked.

He said acceptable moral values had slowly vanished in communities throughout the country including the three sub-districts of Huon Gulf –  Wampar, Salamaua and Morobe–giving rise to an upsurge in crime.

“The future of a child is built on his or her past. And that future is built at home,” Ase said.

He had been prompted to speak on moral values following fights in Mamabogeba in Wampar and Saigara in Morobe patrol post where husbands bashed their wives to death.