Parents fear consequences as students withdraw from UOG

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A PARENT in Port Moresby has raised concerns over the en mass withdrawal of students from University of Goroka (UOG).
Edward Sasale from Gulf province urged students to set aside their grievances with the administration and return to their studies.
“I have exhausted all possible avenues to cater to the needs of all my children, especially their school fees,” he said.
Mr Sasale said the Government and parents had done their part in settling their fees, urging students to make a positive decision for the sake of their education.
“This is an administrative issue, thus students should leave the matter to the administration and concentrate on their studies instead,” he said.
Parents have also received information that some students were forced to fill their withdrawal forms regardless of their disagreement with the en mass withdrawal.
Office of Higher Education director-general Dr WilliamTagis said the students would be facing harsh monetary consequences as well as disrupting their path to becoming successfully employed.
He said  self-sponsoring students would not be able to recoup tuition and expenses that had already been paid.
Students and parents would be left to repay personal loans, he said.