Parents have a responsibility to raise their kids properly


Papua New Guinea is said to be a country with an attitude problem.
It would not have been a problem if the parents had raised their children properly.
Children must be disciplined and taught between right and wrong from a young age.
Children’s attitude and behaviour reflect how they were raised by their parents.
Parents have a very big responsibility and they can teach their children simple basic principles and rules:
* Throw rubbish in the right place;
* Do not write graffiti;
* Do not steal; 
* Study hard; 
* Do not fight with other kids; 
* Listen to their parents and bubus; 
* Respect people;
* Attend church services;
* Learn how to pray; and 
* Learn sportsmanship.
It costs nothing to teach children these simple rules.
Unfortunately, many parents do not discipline their children.
They know how to make babies but are incapable of raising and disciplining their children.
There is no medication to change the attitude and behaviour of our people.
The only medicine is for parents to take the responsibility of raising their own children and teaching them what is right and wrong.


HenriL Kari Siwi