Parents laud students’ plan

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The National, Friday 16th December 2011


PEOPLE in Enga are happy to see their sons and daughters attending tertiary institutions involved in awareness activities during their holidays.
Tertiary students from the province are holding crusades and election awareness.
“I am inspired by the students committing their time, standing in the rain to preach the word of God,” community leader, Buka Saitus said.
Saitus said on Monday afternoon the students carried out awareness in Wabag town.
He challenged other students in the province to join the team and become involved in the election awareness campaign.
It is understood secondary and high school students in Enga helped their colleagues in the awareness, which began last Thursday in Wabag.
Tertiary student Andy Phulip said their awareness programme aimed to remind the people to make the right decisions in life.
“It is to do with their lives, their children; everyone is responsible for fearing the Lord because fearing the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and God Himself will give wisdom to His people to make the right decision to choose a leader,” Phulip said.
The students said they were not affiliated with any church or political party and funded their own awareness programme to educate the people to live a good life while at the same time giving people tips on how to elect good leaders in the national election.
The students said the awareness would continue for rest of their holidays.
They encouraged locals
to attend to crusade that will be held at the Sir Tei Abal Secondary School on Friday.