Parents must instil family values in kids

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 5, 2011

I REFER to your editorial on Monday about obsce­nities among city women.
I agree that it is a big pro­blem in the city and pro­bably around the country.
I strongly believe in family values and teach my two young daughters to know right from wrong.
I educate them on the negative effects of drinking, smoking and chewing betelnut.
I also teach them that bad habits and behaviours will lead to bad decisions and unhappy lives.
Unfortunately, many parents today are ignorant and their “don’t care” attitude resulted in children showing a lack of respect for others.
Parents and women who swear in public should be ashamed of themselves as they are showing a very bad example to their children.
There are ways to deal with people who swear in public.
For example, on Yule Island, no one is allowed to use the k-word or c-word or drink homebrew.
If one is caught swearing or drinking homebrew, he/she is fined K500.
Maybe this method could be emulated in other parts of the country.
The bottom line is our people must show each other respect.


Port Moresby