Parents must send children to school, says Marape

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The National, Thursday, May 5, 2011

EDUCATION Minister James Marape wants parents to play a bigger role in ensuring their children attend school.
He said discipline and education started at home where parents should perform their fundamental roles by providing the necessary care and support to their children.
Addressing civil organisations and stakeholders yesterday during the global action week forum in Port Moresby, Marape said parents should take care of their children before attending church activities.
He said it would take an integrated effort by all stakeholders concerned to have more girls and women educated.
“If we all work together to do our bit, we will be able to have more of our girls and women educated,” he said.
He said the education department valued the importance of education for all.
He said the department had strategies in place to address issues that continued to prevent girls from attending or dropping out of school before they reached Grade 8 or secondary school.
He said the task was enormous and needed the support of parents, guardians, relatives, communities, non-governmental organisations, churches and all levels of government.
Marape thanked stakeholders for their support towards providing quality education for children, he commended the Education Advocacy Network for its work in advocating for better and quality education for children, young girls and women.