Parents should not rely on babysitters, reverend says


A PRIEST has warned parents to devote time and attention to the upbringing of their children and not rely on others to do it for them.
Lutheran Church head bishop Reverend Jack Urame said parents must not always rely on babysitters to look after their children.
He advised them to stop exposing their children to such things as laptops, television and music.
“Pay full attention to your child, teach them good moral principles of life and a good sense of love and care,” he said.
“If children are not taught well in their homes by their parents, they will lack moral principles to respect others.”
Urame made the remarks during the Early Childhood Development and Early Childhood Education summit in Lae last week.
“Children are God’s family and are part of the community,” he said.
“The Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG’s approach is based on Jesus’ approach to the children in the Bible.
He said: “Let the little children come to me for the kingdom of God belongs to them.”
“Do not hinder them or stop them. Do not push them away and or neglect them.
“Jesus’ approach to children was an important message for us.
“As churches and parents, we should take note of that teaching and use it as one of our bases towards our children, to remind us of our responsibilities and duties to our children.”
Urame said parents often forgot about their children because they were busy working or attending to other commitments.
He said parents don’t have time for their children when they come home.
“Most parents put on the TV or other things for their children.
“Those things will never teach your child anything good. It is also a dangerous trend.”