Parents slam school for charging K600 fee

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 08th Febuary 2012

UPNG Journalism student

PARENTS of students enrolled at Waghi Valley High School had some tense moments with the school administration and board of governors after they were told to pay K600 for their children.
Parents were adamant that the school was trying to cheat them as they were sure the government was paying full fees for Grades 9 and 10 students.
To this the school administration responded that students and parents would have to pay 50% of the school fee as only half of the fees had been paid by government and that during election year, it was uncertain whether the government would meet the other half in the latter part of the year.
Parents were told that the school did not want to shut school midway through the year for lack of funds and promised that if the government came clean, the parents would be reimbursed.
Parents were still disgruntled and said K600 is a lot of money and that they were certain the  government would pay the fees fully this year.
Many promised to check with the provincial education board if they have set any certain amount to be paid by the parents to schools.
The parents went back with their kids saying that they will find out from other schools and authorities before putting their kids in school.
Western Highlands senior school inspector Stanley Wantokson, when contacted, said the provincial education board has not decided on any payment by parents and that the provincial education division is guided by the government policy for free education.