Parents told to enforce discipline


WAIGANI Christian College director Benjamin Mul says discipline continues to be a major problem at the school and parents have to take responsibility.
He said this during a meeting with parents at the Waigani Heights’ Campus of the private school on Saturday.
Parents expressed concern at the level of discipline among students at the school.
Mul said students were smoking, chewing betel nuts and showing no respect for teachers or even himself as the director.
He said at one time, he asked a student in uniform why he was smoking and chewing betel nuts at a nearby market in uniform, and was told that this was not in class.
“I appeal to parents to go and tell your children not to chew betel nuts, not to smoke, and concentrate on classes,” Mul said.
“Chewing betel nuts and smoking while in uniform does not portray a good image of the school.
“Students are even caught at the gate with betel nuts and cigarettes.
“This shows that students are undisciplined.
“Everything starts at home, in the family, and parents must talk to their children about being disciplined.”
Meanwhile, the college, which takes in students from prep to grade 12, is seeing some new developments this year.
“We are building a science lab, dormitory, ablution block and kitchen.
“We have got 30 new computers,’ Mul said.
“Thirteen pallets of library books are on their way from Townsville in Australia so we are going to extend the library.
“Next year, we will be looking at building teachers’ houses.”
Mul said the school had recruited a deputy principal from the Philippines, Valentino Mayo, to raise academic standards.
“Despite an ongoing problem with discipline, the school is improving,” he said.
“We have got more than 1,800 students from prep to Grade 12.
“Next year, we are looking at recruiting two more expatriate teachers from the Phillipines, to teach science and maths.”

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