Parents told: Watch who you leave your kids with


A MAGISTRATE has warned parents to be careful who they leave their children with, even with their own family members.
Lae District Court Magistrate Edward Kupo said that in many instances, abuse of children were committed by people “we trust, the ones that are close relatives or are known to the victim”. He said many of those cases coming before him were of sexual penetration, incest and the molestation of underage children.
“This type of offences also happen to women too and done by close relatives,” Kupo said.
He said parents must be careful who they left these children with at home or at school.
“Most times, for these children to be with their same sex is okay. But with the opposite sex, there is a tendency of them being abused,” he said.
“You cannot trust anyone because of the exposure to changes that are taking place technology-wise for example. People are now more advanced with (the advent of) social media and having access to pornographic materials via the internet, Facebook or other mediums.”
“While watching such movies and pictures, people’s mindsets are driven out of context and once given the opportunity of being alone with an underage child of the opposite sex, they automatically attempt to put into action what they have seen.”

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  • Yes. watch your kids. We have too many evil minded creatures preying on innocent children.

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