Parents urged to be better role models for children


The need for parents to become better role models for their children were among various opinions raised by students during this week’s Chatroom radio show.
Four grade 10 students from St Charles Luwanga Secondary in Port Moresby spoke on the theme “Youth and healthy living” at the National Broadcasting Corporation’s Tribe FM studios on May 1.
Kahanitti Sione explained how healthy lifestyle contributed to the wellbeing of a person.
“The physical, social, spiritual and intellectual health of person is important, especially for youths because their minds are more malleable,” she said.
Daniel Toll, who spoke about the physical and spiritual aspects, said “peer-pressure” often causes young people to choose the wrong path.
“If we do not make the right choices about our physical and spiritual attributes, this can have negative impact on our wellbeing,” he said.
Highlighting the social and intellectual aspect of healthy living
Joanna Kumbari, said self-discipline was an integral part of responsibility.
She spoke of a toxic reality that was fuelled by social media that destroys rather that building relationships.
Brenth Karol, another participant, said the young people need focus.
“Most problems caused by youths, are because their social life is out of step with their physical and spiritual life. Parents need to be better role models and must always remember to put God first,” Karol said.
Chatroom producer Vinna Wingur, said the justifications for a healthy lifestyle given by the students was very empowering and inspiring.
Social communications secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference Fr Ambrose Pereira congratulated the students for presenting their views on Tribe FM.