Parish celebrates anniversary


NONDRI Catholic church in Gumine, Chimbu, celebrated its golden jubilee last month.
The church was established on July 28, 1969, by Fr. Bob Oros from the United States, who came to Papua New Guinea as a primary school teacher and taught at Dirima Community School in Gumine before becoming a catholic priest.
Nondri is one of the most remote Catholic parishes in Cimbu.
The only way into Nondri is to trek through the mountains for six-10 hours.
Two cows and 11 pigs were slaughtered, four cassowaries were given away as gifts for guests, food of all kinds was prepared for the occasion and money contributions were made towards the church.
The anniversary was celebrated by Rev Bishop Anton Bal of Kundiawa diocese, who was recently appointed archbishop of Madang.
Other priests and clergies including Fr Peter Kim of Dirima parish, Fr Michael Wiame (PhD) priest of Denglagu parish and a son of Sakaleku tribe, Fr Cosmos from Jiwaka and Fr Welington from Goroka diocese attended as well.
While the celebration went well, the participation of the people of Sakaleku was not like the days during the time of Fr. Bob Oros from 1969 to 1987.
During the period, the people of Nondri parish experienced some of the best times of community peace, unity and harmony in this remote part of Chimbu.

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