Parish renames church


THE North Goroka Catholic parish in Goroka has been renamed the Holy Family Parish to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Holy Family missionaries serving in Papua New Guinea.
Holy Family parish chairman Brian Kuglame said the church had carried the name “Mary Help of Christians” for 40 years and the name change was to honour the work of the Holy Family mission in the country.
Kuglame said the Holy Family order was one of the many orders in the Catholic church which comprised of priests, brothers and nuns serving in many remote communities.
“The initial Holy Family comprised of Joseph, Mary and Jesus who were from a very humble beginning grew up to stardom in the Christian world where Jesus as the Son of God became the saviour of the world,” he said.
Kuglame said their focus at the new Holy Family parish in North Goroka was to empower and support the Christian family unit and encourage living holy lives.
“If we are serious enough to eliminate corruption, law and order issues and negative aspects of development, it must start in the family unit. Families must strive to live holy and children must grow up with Christian principles.”
Kuglame said children who grew up in Christian households were more likely to be good Christians and honest, productive citizens.
“Today the Government is trying to solve problems created through corruption and are looking for ways to create a transparent and honest method of serving the people.
“Good and God fearing leaders will only come out of Christian families and we are committed to promoting good families,” Kuglame said.
The 30th anniversary celebration of the Holy Family mission at North Goroka was attended by Holy Family vice-general (world president) Fr Marian Kolodziejczk, who is based in Rome, Fr Stanislaw Michalik the parish priest of Gliwice in Poland, Fr Andrzej Tron, the vice-general of Holy Family in Poland, Fr Wlodzimierz Burzawa, director of the Polish mission, and Fr Raymond Brennon from England.