Park abused

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The National , Monday, May 30, 2011

THE Wewak Peace Park in East Sepik, where Japanese nationals regularly meet to conduct memorial services and other cultural exchange programmes, is the target of constant vandalism.
The park suffered another attack early last Tuesday morning when its electricity supply meter box was tempered with causing a total black-out.
In the darkness, more vandals struck and the area was used as a sex spot.
The park comprises two shelters with concrete pavement, a pool, a tidy lawn, lights and a wire fence to keep the area secure.
But criminals had cut through the fence since last October, stealing electrical fittings, fluorescent tubes and meter boxes.
The meter first went missing last month and was replaced a fortnight ago only for it to disappear again last Tuesday.
A very dissatisfied Sakarai Anton of the East Sepik provincial administration, who takes charge of the premises on behalf of the Japanese Embassy, said it had cost them thousands of kina to replace electrical appliances and fittings.
Anton often spends his own money to replace stolen items.
The recent break-in and theft of electrical appliances would cost the embassy more than K4,000 to restore electricity.
Anton suggested putting up a picket fence around the park to deter criminals from cutting holes through it.
Police have not arrested anyone in six of the thefts reported since last October.