Park, firm end family fairy event


PORT Moresby Nature Park, in partnership with Lae Biscuit Company, wrapped up its family event – the Lae Biscuit Fairies in the Park – last Sunday.
According to a statement from the park, children as young as a year-old could be seen with their parents enjoying the various activities that were staged during the duration of the event which was run over five weekends.
One such activity that had attracted residents was the Lae Biscuit Mystery of the Liklik Toti Fairy that was held every weekend with weekly prizes drawn for four lucky winners.
Twenty weekly winners received prizes from Lae Biscuit Company.
Grand prize winner Mark James claimed a round-trip ticket from PNG Air.
β€œOn behalf of the management and staff here at Port Moresby Nature Park, we would like to offer our greatest thanks to event sponsor Lae Biscuit Company for making it possible to host another huge family event this year at the park,” Port Moresby Nature Park general manager David Thompson said.