Park steps up safety measures to ensure visitors follow directives


THE Port Moresby Nature Park has put in place extra precautionary measures to ensure visitor and staff safety following new Covid-19 directives released by Controller David Manning.
The park’s general manager, Michelle McGeorge, said: “The Port Moresby Nature Park assures its commitment to ensuring that the novel virus is contained in compliance with orders issued by the office of the controller.
“We only ask that our guests follow the simple rules we have in place when visiting, whether it be to wear a mask or get your temperature checked, it is all necessary to reduce the spread of the Covid-19.”
Some of the initiatives the park has include:

  • Mandatory wearing of masks and temperature check on entry;
    No bookings and reservations of picnic areas for the period of the current lockdown;
  • Installation of new hand-wash stations and hand sanitiser dispensers around the park;
  • Placement of signage to promote washing of hands and importance of self-sanitisation and social distancing at public spaces; and,
  • Frequent sanitisation of park offices and public spaces.