Parkop’s party set to join PNC

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The National, Tuesday July 2nd, 2013


NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop’s Social Democratic Party will soon join the People’s National Congress headed by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Parkop, a two-term NCD Governor, attended the PNC national convention in Lae at the invitation of the PNC last week.

“We are yet to sign up formally to join PNC; we are still going through the processes and it’s an honour for them to invite us,” Parkop said.

“We are a small party and we have to think about how we can contribute to and impact on the nation.”

“We want to follow a party that has good policy and has good leadership …  we are not going to follow anybody, we follow policy and leadership.”

“He’s got a good team that is working with him and he is doing the right thing in terms of investing in the basic infrastructure and services in health and education.” 

It could not be confirmed independently if the People’s Action Party would follow suit.

PAP parliamentary leader and Enga Governor Peter Ipatas also attended and sat with Parkop, O’Neill and his senior parliamentarians on the main dias facing the audience. 

Parkop said while there was the worldwide cycle of economic boom and bust, he predicted the PNC-led coalition government iwas at a crucial period where the economy was booming and was making the right decisions.

“Our problem in this country has not been money; its always has been leadership and management and we are getting that now,” he said.

“I think we have the opportunity now to really develop our country, especially our infrastructure, as the economy is growing and we have the financial resources.