Parkop assists flood victims

National, Normal

The National- Friday, January 14, 2011

 FLOOD victims from the Laloki outside Port Moresby last Friday received food supplies worth K11,300 as donation by NCD Governor Powes Parkop. 

Parkop was at the site where people from the lower Laloki River at ward 14 received the relief supplies.

During the donation Parkop highlighted the importance of being prepared for such natural disasters and the need to be self reliant and not to rely on the government every time there is flooding.  

He said when it rained floods were not new to the people living along the Laloki River and was not a new problem. 

He added that as the weather keeps changing every year, the flooding keeps getting worse, and urged people living near the Laloki River to relocate themselves to a safer location and store garden food between the months of October to December before it rains.

Parkop’s immediate response to the needs of the lower Laloki people was because their request was easy to verify.

“We are still doing assessments at the moment to find out which are the most affected areas,” he said.

Parkop said though there were a lot of requests coming in which had to be verified because at such times some people took advantage of the situation. 

He also urged governors of provinces should contribute half a million kina or K200,000 into a fund to quickly deal with such relief efforts.