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NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has suggested to MPs to form a government of national unity to address the current political situation.
He clarified yesterday that he was not aligned to any political camp and would decide in the next sitting of Parliament where to sit.
Parkop said MPs from both sides of the House should form a government to take the nation to the 2022 general election.
“We have come through a very tough year and we must unite our people to face the challenges together and ensure we recover and progress,” he said.
“We have a situation now where Parliament is almost evenly divided.
“One side cannot claim a mandate to rule or change government.
“So the best approach is for a government of national unity which will help us to move forward, focus on reviving the economy and addressing security.”
He also suggested that the Constitution be changed “so our people can elect the prime minister”.
He said he was focusing right now on “what is in best interest of Port Moresby and the country”.
“Right now, my priority is to continue to provide leadership for the city, to ensure our people are at ease, remain calm and not be stressed or anxious,” he said.
“My priority is to ensure the leaders are given the environment to discharge their responsibilities as leaders in a safe, secure and peaceful environment.
“In this regard, I am working with the Commissioner of Police, ACP Wagambie and Met Supt N’dranou to ensure the security and social situation in the city is conducive so we overcome this challenge positively.”
He denied Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko’s statement that he was with the Government side.


  • NCDC Governor Pakop’s call for national unity is a brilliant idea as a true national leader. However, his suggestion to change the Constitution to be altered for people to elect the prime minister is a dangerous idea. Analyse and understand the future before making decisions on current situation.




  • Right, PM JM is the choice of the simple majority of the rural based population, which consist of about 80% of the total population of this country. Consecutive PM of this country has been concentrating on the population of the urban minority ever since independence. PM JM, however, changes the course and he divert the development from urban minority to rural majority where the bulk of the populations are. PM JM is a true leader who maintains national unity. He (PM JM) has been very vocal about Bougainville issues which all the past PM turned a blind eye on Bougainville. Prime Minister James Marape is the leader who fight for national unity so every MP ought to get behind JM.

  • you don’t need to look any further than the Government of PMJM. just support him. this is what your people in NCD wants.

  • PP, it’s too late for this call. Why call for unity when you all crossed the floor and created a crissis. You leaders need to solve this issue. We are all tired of this baby sense, yoyo politics. It’s about time people power need to rise up and stop this crap and indecisive leadership clearly shown on November 13. When PO was in power and ruled with an iron fist for 8 years yupela maus pas and flowed with the tide. Now with PM JM at the helm for 18 months you all revolted. Does not make sense. What unity are talking about, it has always been there. Stop this nonsense, Go back and support the Government to complete this term of parliament.

  • As human being, if you find natural peace within you whom to support please do so for the sake of your people and the future of PNG. Remember, this is your country and we the of this country are counting on your choice.

  • Sounds like few of the good MPs have regained their thoughts after careful analysis of the situation including the people they represent. The governor of NCD is brave enough to come out clear and its more appropriate that you should be the first one to move to the Government side to demonstrate your thoughts to support PMJM

  • PP correct me if I am wrong…. I guess you were not with the Opposition Team presenting yourself in the Media Conference? … Where were you standing whilst there was cross-over on the floor of Parliament on November 13th? Many questions for you but to cut the story short: you are talking NONSENSE so stay where you are and don’t be a Human Yo-yo. TOO LATE, A CALL with no substance.

    Try and compare the Opposition MPs with PMJM’s team… Opposition is comprised of veterans but self-serving interests.

  • If the people want Marape to continue, who are you MPs not to listen to your voters? Some of you might have some valid reasons but try weigh out the pros and cons of the actions taken or decisions made by Marape so far. The only problem he has is in the appointment of inexperienced and backward ministers who in certain ministries have not performed due to lack of what it takes!

  • The division of parliament to share equal numbers of MPs on both sides of the house is good for strengthening the democracy of our Independent State of PNG and there is nothing wrong with that. Mr. Parkop, don’t forget that a strong opposition is vital for the government to provide good governance and will conduct its business in the best interest of PNG. Therefore, the opposition should continue to maintain the current number throughout the season to keep the government under radar for transparency and honesty.

    Great taking the bold stand as this will give you space for greater common sense to better decide for the people who mandated you and the country that deserves your number to support the government of national unity as you have well articulated in your statement comes the next sitting of Parliament.

  • PP was it you or someone else at the media conference hosted by the defected MPs including the Opposition? You and Duma were the first ones to open your big mouths criticizing PMJM and now you’re trying to justify and come clean? Those of you leaders who defected on the 13th November 2020 caused this chaos so solve it.

  • Refer this “suggestion to form a Government of national unity” and “should form a government to take the nation to the 2022 general election.”

    Clearly made his intentions known.

  • I would agree if he (PP) was a first term politician/MP. Here he is saying that he is still following the wind. MPs like PP, JT, WD should be voted out in 2022.

  • What a hell this governor is talking about the government of national unity? Is he really bit around the bush and looking for the right leader for the government of national unity, there is none other than PM JM is now the leader and the PM of the government of national unity is already taking the lead to address the national issues. Just rally behind him and give your full support to fulfil his slogans, Take Bake PNG.

  • Nothing will change at the top if the common person keeps accepting immoral actions of mps.
    It reflects the general state of moral decay in the community.

  • PNG needs a united parliament. Let the current government rule to complete its term. Those who started all these are the ones who could plunge this country into turmoil if they become too stubborn and carry on with their arguments and plans to remove the current government under JM. We pray that you realise what is happening and where we are now. Be mindful that it is always politicians who can make or break a country with their decisions.

  • ,
    If it has always been Hon. Governor Parkop’s stand to maintain national unity and equilibrium in light of the present critical tilt within the dynamics of the political shift, he should have just locked himself away at Ela beach Hotel during the saga and not appearing out from a suspicious location giving his voters this last minute lecture of what his real intention is all about.
    Please Sort yourself out Governor, you can still do better than that.

  • Not a brilliant Call Pwarkop. AND WERE DO YOU STAND? Be true to yourself. Yu laik lukim namba na wokim decision. A tru leader is decisive were he stands

  • PP you could have made a difference if you had thought about the aftermath before ‘jumping the gun’ when you crossed the floor on that fateful day where some senior ministers lost their portfolios, throwing up tantrums like toddlers. Seems like you have regained your consciousness after a long slumber and crying over a ‘spilt milk’ for a united government when you took part in the move to remove the JM led government. Just do the most honorable thing by joining the side that holds the interest of the 8million people of this great nation and come out of the side that seem to seek self-gain with confused agendas for selfish motives only be known to them.

    • Laka, truly agree with you.

      Make sure these greedy, corrupted, outdated, recycled yoyo’s who created the current situation are voted out in 2022. Including Powes Parkop.

  • He is the same person that divided the country on the floor of Parliament. You cross over to the opposition we saw you. That cross over you did in enterity is the start of disunity, distrust and you realized now where you stand. A yoyo, a pathetic pretender to be the human right person specialist instead your actions speaks louder than words. A coward leader, an opportunist leader like you sitting on the fence and you just simply don’t know what you are talking about. Be a leader and make a decision where you stand.

  • Erupe I support your comments. We all saw PP live on TV crossing the floor. Now he wants to be a UNITY, UNITED ONE COUNTRY good guy. What a pathological liar, a pathetic pretender to be a hero of national unity. The heroes of national unity are in government, I rather believe PMJM, Allan Bird, G.Juffa, Walter S, not a puppet yoyo like you

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