Parkop cannot perform miracles

Letters, Normal

I REFER to a letter by “VIP July 4th” (March 31).
The writer says there is no real change in NCD.
What the writer fails to understand is that Governor Powes Parkop is just one politician who is trying his best to do something for the people of NCD.
If the writer were to compare him with previous NCD governors or any current politicians, there is no doubt Mr Parkop is arguably one of the best.
The writer should be able to understand that Mr Parkop cannot perform miracles in a short time.
The issues the writer mentions are national issues that must be addressed by the Government.
Crime, unemployment, social services, educational programmes, affordable housing, welfare issues, settlement woes, unequal distribution of wealth, domestic violence, school and health subsidies are every leaders’ responsibility, not just Mr Parkop.
I advise the writer to use his/her above 60 IQ to complain to Sir Michael Somare and the National Alliance, not Mr Parkop.
Just in case some readers come to conclusions, I have no connections with Mr Parkop apart from the fact that he is my governor. 


Triple M
Via email