Parkop: Choose quality leaders

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The National, Wednesday 08th Febuary 2012

CORRUPTION could be eradicated if good and quality leaders are in power to govern the country, NCD Governor Powes Parkop said.
Parkop, who is also the founder and parliamentary leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), launched the party at the Momase regional level in Madang.
He said corruption was rife in the country and it was hard to stop it through the process of law because it was already part of the people’s way of life.
“It will be hard to stop corruption because everyone practises it and when people see a leader practise corruption, everybody down the line also does it,” he said.
“So what we need is a new style of leadership. A leadership that would give you new culture, it will change and address corruption in the country.”
The SDP was launched in Madang to show the people that the party is new and believes in a quality style of leadership.
“The Social Democratic Party is a new party but we are ready to provide that style of quality leadership,” he said.
He has brought a lot of positive changes and development to the capital city since taking office four years ago.
He said if bad leaders continued to govern the country, corruption would continue to destroy it.
He believed the elections were important for all Papua New Guineans to think about the country’s future as “we are at an important crossroad”.
After 36years of Independence, PNG has not yet fully developed although it only has 6.3 million people compared to Indonesia which has more than 340 million people and Australia with 50 million people.
“These two countries have a much higher population but they are well developed because they managed their resources well,” he said.
Parkop said PNG was a resource-rich nation with minerals such gold, copper and oil plus the introduction of gas.
But he queried where all the money had gone to over the past 36 years.
“Think of good leaders with quality-God-fearing leaders.”