Parkop clarifies suspensions

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NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop is standing by his decision to suspend 57 personnel employed by the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) as the Hotline unit.
Mr Parkop clarified on Tuesday that they were suspended after they had reportedly threatened the financial adviser and verbally abused other staff in the accounts office at City Hall, when they were demanding for their remuneration which they claimed was to pay for their outstanding shift allowances and disrupting the flow of business.
Mr Parkop added that no such payment for claimed shift allowances would be made to the workers who were now suspended as there were no proper records received to verify that they were entitled to it.
He added that he would not tolerate “heavy-handed tactics” and unruly behaviour by employees to gain dishonestly from public funds and who thought they were above the law.
 “I will be using the administration powers under the NCDC Act to ensure they are charged,” Mr Parkop said
He said he would not allow certain groups of people to use public money for their own good and tarnish the reputation of the commission.
“Besides, they were already being paid K700 to K800 in fortnightly salaries and yet they were claiming further allowances,” Mr Parkop said.