Parkop: CPG’s responsible for market

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday June 24th, 2013


THE Boroko market at 4-Mile is the responsibility of the Central provincial government (CPG), National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop says.

“Previously it was the NCDC’s responsibility to manage the market.

But after a board decision we passed the market to Central to allow Central people to have their own market to sell their produce,” he said.

“The agreement was made in 2008 with an opening ceremony done by myself and the previous Central governor, Alphonse Moroi.”

Parkop said he was confused why the market had not been in operation and was not aware of what steps the Central provincial government was taking to operate the market.

“Actually the NCDC board has decided to review the agreement done in 2008 considering the lengthy delay of the agreement for Central to utilise the market and most probably NCDC will be considering getting back ownership of the market and running it once again for people to benefit,” he said.

He said the 6-Mile market would be relocated to a new location to allow City Pharmacy Ltd to start building a new supermarket.

“CPL has agreed with us that they will provide funds to build the new market place and as soon as that is completed and vendors are removed, then they can go ahead and start construction of their supermarket.

“We have signed a 20-year agreement with the company and that after 20 years NCDC will take back ownership of the supermarket and the land where the supermarket is built.

“The contract to build the new supermarket was signed recently.”