Parkop did not let his people down

Letters, Normal

THE nation’s capital district is made up of people from all over Papua New Guinea and can be referred to as a mini-PNG. 
We also have people from all over the world living and working here.
As the saying goes, “when the wicked rule the people suffer but when the righteous rule the people rejoice”.
Our country is in crisis and the people are suffering.
There is no longer any faith or trust in the Government to bring any tangible changes to improve the lifestyle of the silent suffering majority.
In the 2007 election, the people of NCD voted for a change and in came Powes Parkop.
We did not choose him for his wealth or party affiliation, we voted him for his words of wisdom and his visions and we are proud that we made the right decision because we have chosen an honest and caring leader.
Our governor’s actions within the two and a half years in office speaks louder than words unlike his previous predecessors and so-called veteran politicians who sold out the country and amassed massive wealth while we, the silent majority, are suffering and striving to make ends meet every day.
Mr Parkop is a great and wise leader and full of visions.
We know he has more to offer the people of NCD and the country as a whole.

Jeff Kellage,
Mathias Nime,
Luke Wabe
Port Moresby