Parkop disappointed, pleads for a cleaner NCD

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NCD Governor Powes Parkop has again appealed to city residents to keep the city clean.
Parkop was disappointed when he drove down to Ela Beach yesterday and noticed so much rubbish everywhere following the weekend’s celebration of the Hiri Moale Festival and other activities.
Commissioner of the National Capital District Commission Board and Public Employees Association president Michael Malabag and PNG Gardener, Justin Tkatchenko accompanied Parkop.
Holding plastic and paper rubbish, including empty packets of Twisties, packed lunches, biscuits and soft drink bottles, Parkop said littering at Ela Beach and other parts of the city was a continuous bad attitude of the city residents who did not care about its cleanliness and hygiene.
“I am sad and disappointed as this shows the continuous bad conduct of the city residents who are not being responsible in taking care of the city,” Parkop said.
He said while some people were celebrating Hiri Moale Festival at Ela Beach on the weekend, he and the Bank South Pacific staff and management were busy cleaning part of the beach in its clean and green campaign.
Parkop also said it was disappointing to see the beach filthy with rubbish following over the weekend and the hard work was once again left to Tkatchenko and his staff to clean it up.
He said this bad attitude cost the NCDC around K600,000 a month.
Parkop said this money could have been saved and invested in other worthwhile basic services like education and health.
Meanwhile, Malabag also said the city had people from the 20 provinces and the city would remain clean if rubbish was disposed correctly.
Tkatchenko said the people needed to live in a clean city and should support the governor in his endeavour to keep the city clean.