Parkop does it again!

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PORT Moresby residents will soon be going to work, school or sightseeing in style when the new big buses for the National Capital District (NCD) hit the roads.
The 10 stage buses are an initiative of the NCD Governor Powes Parkop who wishes to provide a safe, reliable and effective mode of public transport for the people, with particular attention to women and children.
Launching the buses yesterday, Mr Parkop stressed that the buses were not a direct competitor to existing bus operators.
“These buses will in no way affect or put exiting bus operators out of business.
“Bus operators try to make a profit for their service but that is not enough because the city is growing and the population is too much for them right now,” he said.
Mr Parkop said the way to do this was for the board and management of NCD and Transport to sit down and discuss the routes, the costing of fares and maintenance and the training of the drivers and licensing.
“They can also discuss on a joint entity for bus operators and their survival in the long run,” he said.
“Once all these are considered and worked out, we hope to have these buses on the road by April at the latest.
“I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to the PMV operators and owners for their contribution.
“The city is growing, the future is here and we need to think realistically about our public transport systems,” he said.
Heads of business houses and other stakeholders joined the city management and staff on a tour of the city in the buses, starting at the NCDC engineering division Tarport to downtown Port Moresby, up to Rainbow and back again.
Along the way, city residents excitedly called out to be dropped off at the nearest bus stops and motorists were honking.
The good reception was enough to reinforce the governor’s optimism that the stage buses would be accepted and useful to the public.
The bottom line for these buses is to provide a safe, reliable and effective mode of transportation for the
women who are constantly harassed and pick-pocketed daily.