Parkop focuses on city traffic

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NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has proposed measures to tackle the severe traffic congestion being experienced on the capital’s roads.
Appearing on a talk back show on FM 100 yesterday, Mr Parkop said vehicles beyond a certain age should be decommissioned.
He said owners of vehicles that were not road worthy should be considerate of people and have their vehicles decommissioned, suggesting those from the year 1998.
He said even though road blocks were carried out, there was still a high number of road accidents caused by unroadworthy vehicle.
One caller said Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL) should carry out their duties professionally instead of giving out vehicle stickers.
Mr Parkop, in response, said MVIL was doing a great job with road inspections but had to fully carry out their duties by checking each vehicle with each part in working condition.
He said now with mobile phones, those drivers of unroadworthy vehicles can be alerted of where road blocks are set up and avoid them.
Meanwhile, many callers commended the Governor for his tireless efforts to improve the city.
“Everyone is happy with you and we believe that you were elected by God who has invested the power in you to move this city forward for the future.
“You certainly fill the loop holes that have been left dormant for a long time and we can now see beautiful changes to the city.
“Your actions and attitudes set an example of how a good leader can perform and we thank you,” one caller said.
Mr Parkop, humbled by these words, said he was doing all this for the country to change its attitude and think positively.
“I’m here to do my best for everyone in the country in taking a step to change the city for the better and bright future for our children and those yet to come.”
He thanked the people in the city highlighting the multiple visions achieved last year: the PNG Games and the Christmas and New Year celebrations at the Unagi Oval which saw more than 10,000 – 15,000 in attendance.
“I’m also happy that everyone is responding and getting into the spirit of our visions for a better city,” Mr Parkop said.