Parkop funds Cheshire Disabilities to attend event in Dubai

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National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop, pictured, has supported Cheshire Disabilities with funding of K10,000 to attend a sporting event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, next year.
Parkop’s liaison officer Simon Carl Bare said the centre not only took care of disabled people and children, but also got them involved in sports.
He said the governor’s office would fund Cheshire programmes and infrastructure for education of both disabled and normal children.
“The governor is looking to support the programmes through funding next year,” Bare said.
“It’s a special school and he will consider needs of the school for the good of children and the people.
“The school can send proposals of what is required.”
The sporting even in Dubai will be in March 2019.
Bare said Parkop’s office would make funding available as soon as possible.

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