Parkop has done wonders for NCD


I REFER to the letter “No real change in NCD” (The National, March 31) by “VIP July 4th”.
I don’t know where the writer came from to make such a baseless remark.
I lived in Port Moresby for the last five years to complete my university degree.
I dare say one does not need to have a degree to be able to see the amount of tangible changes that have taken place within the short time Powes Parkop has been in charge of NCD.
If the writer does not believe me, then he/she can just ask any PMV or taxi driver.
While I do agree that there is still room for improvement, if you are critical enough, you will see that the first step in making things better, safer and happier is to be able to respect and take ownership.
By beautifying Port Moresby, Mr Parkop has created a sense of ownership by boosting our morale as residents in a beautiful city with a vision and a sense of direction in years.
How can you expect people to control rubbish if you do not show them they are responsible for their own garbage?
Other than beautification and making the people responsible for their actions, Mr Parkop  also is trying to revitalise the social welfare of Port Moresby by creating mini-parks and recreational zones in residential areas, from Gerehu all the way to Ela Beach.
In the process, he has created a sense of obligation and pride that the residents of Port Moresby have not only for urban facilities but also between themselves.
I cannot recall a time when Moresby is considered safer than Lae.
Although there are still many changes yet to come, it is necessary to start with the basic steps to put order back in a disorderly capital.
If we want to see all-round changes for the better, then the five years which Mr Parkop has is not enough.
We have to give him five more years to complete what he has started, bringing about sustainable, far-reaching development (I call this change).
I would like to thank Mr Parkop for making me believe our system of democracy can still work and that good leaders can still survive in our derelict, parasite-infested political system.
To the writer, take your political agenda elsewhere as we are tired of your short-sighted mannerism indicative of someone trying to stir up something against our governor.
The people of Port Moresby are behind our governor.
If you are one of those planning to contest against Mr Parkop, my advice is to stand elsewhere and stop wasting our time and your money.
I will give not one but as many reasons as you can count – take a trip down to Port Moresby and count how many trees, lights, flowers, parks, recreational facilities, bus stops, roads, etc, that the governor has brought on since becoming MP.