Parkop is a beacon of hope

Letters, Normal

NCD Governor Powes Parkop is a capable man and he is a living example of “Where there is a will, there is a way”.
In a country where corruption is rife, bribery is the name of the game, hospitals without doctors and medicines, zero service delivery in rural areas, weak and ineffective Ombudsman, Mr Parkop stands out like a beacon of hope.
I dare to say 80% of Papua New Guineans do not care about what is happening with the Government, its policies or its predictions of economic boom, etc.
They are trying to survive on a day to day basis, trying to make ends meet and putting food on the table.
Basic medication like chloroquine has become a luxury and when malaria attacks; they accept it as fate and lie down to die without complaint.
How can one pay school fees when their annual income does not exceed K200?
This is reality in the heartland of PNG.
So when Mr Parkop delivers basic services, everyone takes notice.
People have eyes and ears.
They have finally woken up from their slumber and realised that someone out there in the never never land of Haus Tambaran cared enough to give them a fountain to wet their parched lips and to behold its beauty, enjoy carols by candle light on Christmas Eve, create parks for children to play and provide affordable transport among others.
Slowly but surely, the glimmer of long lost hope is getting brighter.


Port Moresby