Parkop keen to modernise city with new plan


THE new National Capital District Commission urban development plan was launched last week by the Governor Powes Parkop.
Parkop said the plan was for the next 15 years to bring the city into the 21st century.
“All settlements will be upgraded into suburbs and all the Motu-Koitabu villages will be modernised,” he said.
“We will ensure that the city is turned into a 21st century city.”
Parkop also called on the Moresby South MP, Moresby North-East MP and Moresby North-West MP to work with him in ensuring that the plan achieved its target.
“The Lands and Physical Planning Department must work with the National Capital District Commission. Members must work with the Governor,  even State entities like PNG power and Eda Ranu must work together.”
Central Governor Robert Agarobe said for development to take place, the Natioanl Capital District  and Central must work together as they shared the same border.
“There must be clear communication between the two provinces and a common understanding,” he said.
“Already, the development of the city has reached Central.”
Agarobe said he was also planning to build a city for Central.

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