Parkop launches Walk for Life in Goroka

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The National,Monday March 7th, 2016


NATIONAL Capital Governor Powes Parkop launched the ‘Walk For Life’ programme in Goroka on Friday for the people of Eastern Highlands.

“My goal is to inspire future generations to be much healthier and make our country much better than what it is today,” Parkop told people who gathered for the event.

He said the programme aimed at promoting healthy living that would prolong life.

Eastern Highlands Walk for Life branch will be based in Kabiufa village, 8km from Goroka town.

Parkop presented K20,000 to Eastern Highlands Family Voice and K40,000 to the people of Kofena in upper Asaro to fulfil a commitment he made in 2008.

He said there was fierce tribal fighting in the past in Kofena where many people were killed. Many of the tribesmen fled to Port Moresby and voted for him to become NCD Governor.

Parkop initiated a “walk for peace” on Saturday morning from Kofena to Asaro government station. He then initiated another walk yesterday morning from Kabiufa Seventh-day Adventist Secondary School to Goroka town.

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