Parkop must get tough on enforcing buai ban

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013

 IT is fast becoming a worry to city residents when the NCDC governor and his team of advisers are unable to fix the betel nut issue in the city. 

The market at Manu Auto Port Bus Stop towards Taurama Valley is so filthy to the extent that it is second to Baruni Dump. 

The next place would be the corner market around PNG Motors close to Taurama Foodland. 

City dwellers are not responding positively to the laws and rules of the country and they seem immune to prosecution. 

There must be a million ideas out there.

Governor Powes Parkop, you are not on your own fighting this issue, so please seek the views and opinions from your brother ministers who can contribute towards your drive to ban betel nut using existing laws or amending laws to suit the changing environment. 

My view is that when citizens are careless and reckless in their actions and are not responding to laws governing the country, the government must introduce martial law and empower the military and police to clean up the mess. 

Enough of so-called democratic rights. 

Move the country forward with changes to suit the majority of the population. 

Let us make tough laws and enforce them now for the betterment of future generations. 

Over to you, governor.

Frustrated citizen Via email