Parkop needs to prepare for side effects

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 22nd, 2013

 AS a concerned citizen, I agree with the ban on betel nuts imposed by Governor Powes Parkop in the capital.

But the governor should note that there are thousands of people who depend on  the informal sector. Many of them depend on selling betel nuts to make a living.

It will  affect betel nuts growers in Central and Gulf who depend on the nuts for their survival.

A lot of social problems such as criminal activities, prostitution, selling of drugs, children not attending schools and the level of poverty may increase.

Selling betel nuts is one way of making fast money and the sellers are already used to the way of making money. 

So when betel nuts are  gone, I hope that the people affected will not resort to drugs, prostitution or crime to fill the gap.

Some critics have labelled the governor’s initiative as a strategy to technically remove unemployed highlanders.

That has not been substantiated.The fact of the matter is that those unemployed people in the city must do something to earn a living apart from betel nuts selling. 


Nancy Gabi Molo