Parkop: No NCD lockdown

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GOVERNOR Powes Parkop says there will be no lockdown in the National Capital District (NCD) despite a second spike in Covid-19 cases.
“We surely cannot afford to lockdown NCD again because the economy of the country is in a precarious position,” he stressed firmly amid rumours being spread of a second lockdown, especially on social media.
Parkop said: “As the Governor of our capital city, I am not going to entertain, discuss or even consider a second lockdown.
“The Covid-19 pandemic and the economic downturn are two equally compelling crises challenging the country. But the impact of an economic meltdown would be more severe than the impact of Covid-19 in Papua New Guinea.”
He said he did not want to see more people getting unemployed or going into part-time employment.
“We are not going to and I will not support any plans or suggestions to further restrict or lock down the city that will severely affect the functioning, normalcy and ability of the businesses to be carried out daily.
“(The economy) has suffered severely since March 2020 and it’s just recovering.
“We need the economy to start growing again. We need to stimulate the economy.
“Many of our young people who (completed) school last year are seeking employment which we must create for them.
“Many who have been laid off or gone into part (time jobs) are trying to get into small-to-medium enterprises.
“A lockdown will surely strain the economy further and therefore sufferings for the people. I don’t want to imagine the consequences of an economic meltdown in our city and country.
“This is why I am adamant that there won’t be any restrictions or lockdown.
“All we have to do, and what I want to encourage, is for all of us to adhere to Covid-19 prevention protocols so that everything will remain open and we proceed with reviving our country’s economy.”


  • Thank you governor for your bold stand. We were only fooled by the WHO and even other nations. God will always be our protector and saviour. Lets have courage and have faith in the almighty god the creator who will always protect this nation,

  • Agreed – no lockdown! Covid-19 started on December 2019, we were doing temperature checks only nationwide until 2021 when the testing kits / swabs arrived. PNG lived and recovered from Covid-19 unknowingly. The current statics surge in covid-19 case must not panic us but tells us that we starting to use the C-19 testing kits so all we have to do is to practice the C-19 prevention protocols daily.

  • I agreed with Governor for NCD, because previous lockdown caused economy of our resources full country down and also effect many private and public sectors in Papua New Guinea. So it’s good to do away with unnecessary lockdown.

  • With minimal capacity to detect the virus, even less medical facilities to combat its effects and an economy that is unable to withstand the fallout from the isolation it does beg the question of why is the country closed to travel? Are we waiting to inoculate everyone? I think this is a battle we cannot win at a cost which is ruinous to the people.

  • Current spike is just normal cold and flu due to weather pattern changing and not COVID. No need for 2nd lock down, just follow prevention protocols. Full support Honourable Governor.

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