Parkop queries petition

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013


NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop is querying the manner in which an election petition against him was filed.

During an objection to competency hearing yesterday Parkop asked the court to dismiss the petition because it was incompetent.

Parkop, through his lawyer Timwapa Dawidi, argued that the petition by Michael Kandiu, one of the candidates in the NCD regional seat in the general election, alleged bribery, errors and omissions and illegal practices by Parkop and by the electoral commission respectively.

In his bid to dismiss the petition on the grounds of competency, Parkop argued before Justice Stephen Kassman that the petition did not comply with the procedures of filing under section 108 (e) of the Organic Law.

In his submission, Parkop said the petition did not bear the signature of the National Court registrar and was not sealed, saying they were a procedural requirement.

“The petition must be sealed and signed by the registrar of the National Court so it is authenticated,” Dawidi told Kassman.

He argued the process of the petition was incomplete and should be dismissed. Dawidi stressed that the filing process was important as it must be within 40 days from the date of declaration and other procedural requirements like attestation, a security deposit of K5,000 and the petition must be authenticated by the registrar.

On the allegations of bribery, he argued the petitioner did not plead them with relevant facts in the petition.