Parkop: Review uni management


NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop told Parliament that the Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology should have powers to intervene in the administration of universities.
Parkop, referring to the reforms for higher education institutions, said in the management of academic, the university would have that independence to take charge with the board.
He said all government institutions had serious problems because the buck stopped with the council.
“I’m calling on the minister to come up with this amendment and it’s a progression,” Parkop said.
“We need to re-evaluate how we are managing these institutions so it creates a conducive environment for learning, innovation and creativity.
“Our young people that we are producing in the universities, we are preparing them for this millennium and the digital age and forward thinking.
“We have to work out what sort of structure is best to create that kind of working environment.”
Parkop, who was a former lecturer at the University of PNG, spoke of his experience, saying that the teaching ability of the academics needed to be looked at to introduce further training.
“I admit that we did not have proper training though we had a good understanding of the subject matter, but the ability of imparting the stills was lacking.”


  • That’s right Governor, how the nationalisation of the administratrators of some higher learning institutions have gone is something to be concerned about. For instance the upkeep of physical surrounding (campus grounds) at the country’s oldest university is shameful unlike in the past. Claims of students paying their way through instead of honestly working hard to pass is another worrying trend. Funding problem should not be the reason all the time if management and staff from the top down to the janitors work hard with honesty, prudency and commitment for this country. Many educational institutions in this country have simply gone backwards in all aspects of their operations. The end result is obvious, the standard of education has dropped. On the other hand political involvement in the running of organisations and state bodies may not work well all the time, but at least something is tried and done to improve the current situation. We pray that things improve for the better in the next five or ten to fifteen fifteen years.

  • UPNG campus is so bushy and roads to staff residence are like roads to plantation labourers compounds with heaps of rubbish and bushes ok road sides. Playing fields are bushy..something for the TMT tone ashame of.

  • Are the people in the properties and maintenance section at upng , together with the top management blind? Once a beautifully maintained grounds have really gone to the dogs. Just sad and too bad. Playing fields and the surroundings towards staff residential area are in such a shameful state.

  • And the former hight end staff residents left behind prior to Independence has now gone to the dogs. Even Morata surburb and settlement have better houses! Its like a shanty town, those houses at Fortbena..What a shame…!!

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